Saturday, July 04, 2009

Plans for my summer vacation, 2009 edition

Saturday, July 04, 2009
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I accepted a job offer shortly (hours) before we left for our holiday.

I am so excited about this new position. I don't usually blog about work and I don't intend to start, but I just wanted to share my joy and thank you all for your support. It was really awesome to go away and not worry about missed phone calls for interviews, writing cover letters and what I was going to do when I got back.

The really sweet part is that I don't start my new gig until July 21st, giving me almost 3 weeks off. In July. Helloooo, suntan!

I have a range of free-but-awesome things to do to occupy my leisure time, but am game for more suggestions. So far, I plan to:

1. Take a picnic lunch to Prince's Island Park and suntan for the afternoon
2. Crash the pool at Hotel Arts
3. Go to Shakespeare in the Park
4. Visit my grandma (potentially)
5. Eat lots of free pancakes
6. School myself on the ballet industry
7. Get a little bit of colour
8. Dream about wardrobe combinations built around things I already own

Any other ideas for a broke girl to do to enjoy sweet, sweet summertime?


PatZ said...

you realize of course with my new position in Red Deer that it may soon be a requirement to wander around calgary some weekend and point and make amusing, yet completely nonsensical assumptions about tourists.

Snowflake said...

How about a visit with the parents!!!

Lady Rose said...

- Organize all your recipes into one book
- Write 10,000 words of fiction
- Read Pride and Predjudice

Just pulled those out of thin air. :)

ps. I can't believe you've never read Pride and Predjudice!! Get on it. You'll love it and it's great summer reading.

Meg said...

Yes to mocking tourists!

Yes to parental visit(s)!

Yes to 10,000 words of fiction and Pride and Prejudice!

post-fab princess said...

Play Polyvore!!!