Sunday, July 05, 2009

A SINK-y Weekend

Sunday, July 05, 2009
Man, what a North American weekend.

Yesterday, while Gary burned off some Schnitzel at the gym, I met up with Lady Rose for an afternoon of frivolous activities.

We drank diet cokes, went for a walk, felt that after we had gone for a walk we deserved ice cream, and caught up on the various on-goings in each other's lives in the past month. I remember my mom doing the same thing with her girl friends, except they had a variety of munchkins underfoot and called it "coffee", though I suspect there may have occasionally been liquor involved. I know I would have involved liquor given the responsibility of raising a child like myself.

(Love you, Mom!)

After we were sufficiently Kitten-TV'd and diet coke saturated, I came home to my apartment where I proceeded to procrastinate the unpacking.

Gary and I planned to BBQ some hamburgers and then go see UP! at Chinook, but we didn't have cheese, and we sort of hate Chinook, so...

We went to IKEA.

First we went to Home Depot, to purchase the riggings for our new Gary-designed, European-influenced Pigeon Defense System. Trust me, a rat of the sky poops on your BBQ flipper just once, and it's war, birdies...

Then we went to IKEA to check out laundry hampers, leather couches and shelving for our storage closet.

Then we tried to go to Home Outfitters to browse for the same, but they were closed.

So then we went to Future Shop to purchase a Bluray to watch, because we clearly weren't making it to the movie and of the 600 titles Gary owns, none of them appealed to either of us.

And then, at about 9:00, we hit up Ricky's Grill for dinner. I should note that the only thing we purchased was the Pigeon Defense System supplies and the movie.

Today we returned to IKEA, Home Outfitters and tossed in Costco and the grocery store for good measure, to secure and purchase our selected goods. Except the laundry hamper. That'll have to wait.

We also picked out new bedding, except it costs about $800 (Duvet cover: $380, pillow cases, $99, decorative quilt, $500...) and we're still on a single income.

What an exciting, car-fueled, Big Box Retailer filled weekend.

And now we have shelves! And my belongings will finally have a home! Instead of being heaped in a wobbly stack behind a bike!b And I'm about to make ice so we can break open the bacardi! And the ugly birds will be helpless to our defensive strategy!

Ah, the care-free days of summer for two 20-something childless urbanites, one of which is living 3 weeks of Saturdays. Sweeeet.