Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Would you like spite with that?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
The other day, I was patiently waiting in line at a fast-food type establishment for my lunch. Without a book or my iPod, I was left to do what comes most naturally to me: eavesdrop.
(This is also, by the way, one of the character traits my new boss admires most in me. Go figure. Maybe I died and went to heaven?)
While I was waiting for my diet coke and french fries (oh god I love you french fries, forbidden food that you are), I overheard an angry young man and his girlfriend harassing the order dude about the prices of the menu items.

Seriously, Angry Young Man, do you really think that the fifteen-year-old boy behind the counter wearing his jaunty little paper hat and a nametag has ANYTHING to do with the pricing of the Chicken Caesar Salad at this INTERNATIONAL fast-food chain?
And furthermore, if he did, do you really think that bullying him is going to get you anywhere? The poor kid probably gets jammed into enough lockers for smelling like fry grease 24/7. TRUST ME. BEEN THERE. That smell is nearly impossible to shampoo out. You practically need to grow out of it. Like puberty.
Or a bad perm.
God forbid you hit all three at once.
So, Angry Young Man, lay off the poor pubescent fry kid. I know our culture has developed into a horrible monster of I SHALL GET WHAT I WANT NOW, lest I complain frantically about it forever, and ye shall give to me free things because I opened my yap! but lay off the people who work hard to give you what you want, and can't do anything to change the pricing. Use your brain. For once.


Lady Buttons said...

Yay, fellow eavesdropper! One of my fave hobbies! :) For such bad manners, Angry Young Man undoubtedly scored himself an "extra" topping, if you catch my drift. It's all about his (assuredly depleted) karma account.

In high school I worked in the kitchen at Mother's Pizza. Another altogether unpleasant smell you can't get rid of, no matter how hard you try! Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous!

Kathleen said...

I really think that they way a person a) treats someone in a service position, and b) reacts when something goes wrong, says a lot about their character. I was out recently with some friends and some other people. The food was slow, but the staff apologized and gave us 25% off. This was not, however, enough for Ms. No-Manners sitting 2 chairs over. She had to continue complaining and making rude comments at top volume for the remainder of dinner. A dinner which would not have seemed nearly as long, had it not been for her continuous running commentary about just how much no-tip the service staff was going to get. Seriously, zero is zero; you can’t tip any less than that. Do loud mouthed people not realize that the only person who comes out of these situations looking like an ass is them?!

What was my point…? Right. Not exactly the same situation (it was a least reasonably within the realm of possibility that the server could have done something about the time dinner arrived), but in both cases I wonder about these people. What happens to them when something actually goes wrong? I mean, if something little sends someone off the deep-end, what would that individual do if their house burned down? Would their head explode? How is it that these people survive?

I clearly spent too many years in the service industry...

Senor Ping said...

This might be your liveliest, funniest, "I've been there" Blog entries yet. Well done!!!!