Monday, August 10, 2009

101 things: visit the Farmer's Market

Monday, August 10, 2009
Waaaay back in January I made an outrageous list of goals: 101 things I wanted to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I also dragged a couple of my friends into it. I've posted a link to the list in the sidebar, feel free to check it out. (sorry for those using a reader- I'm emailing this to my blog and haven't figured out how to use fancy code yet)
This weekend I was over at the lovely Lady Rose's house, sipping sweet tea, er, diet coke and ruminating on the fact that we both feel our enthusiasm for this project waning. That's the problem with massive self-improvement projects. You start out so keen, so invigorated, so fresh- and 8 months in, you're trying to remember why you decided to be such a dolt and try this in the first place.
I could give up, but I really do want to accomplish that list. And it's not like anything on the list is particularly difficult to do in the first place! Egads, people. "Find three jazz albums I really love?" "Lie on the beach at least once?"
These are not difficult things to accomplish.
So on Saturday I dusted off my vigour and headed out to the Calgary Farmer's Market. It's the Yuppiest of Farmer's Markets in the city. Along with fresh veg and fruits and jam, you can buy wine, fair trade coffee, deluxe pastries, homemade pies, and really expensive yuppie jewelery. Oh, and gorgeous cedar patio furniture, should you own a patio and have an extra grand or so to throw around.
Sigh. My fingers are stained pink from the fresh raspberries and cherries I came home with.
I've pledged to visit five times, which means four more Saturdays between now and September 2011. I'm pretty sure that is an achievable goal.


bellini said...

Okay Ms. Bailey,
In a few weeks, I move home. I'll be back for Sept. 1. My birthday (21) is on September 3. I will be available that week for birthday festivities- to celebrate that i'm NOT going to be in the hospital this year etc. Also, Franklin called this weekend and we agreed- your time is up. So... in my attempt to get the ball rolling AND help you accomplish this list....

goal 6: have a dinner party
goal 24: cook a birthday cake for a friend
goal 92-reason to celebrate each month. (celebrate my b-day- september starting- the accomplishment of these goals etc)
goal 4:connect with old friends
goal 77(homemade pasta)/101 (homemade pizza)/25 (homemade spring rolls). Pick one.

Meg said...

My god, you're turning 21?!

I think I'll be busy that night, applying Ms. Clairol to cover my greys. So sorry, Luv. ;)

Lady Rose said...

I just ticked off a goal that I had forgotten I had completed! Yes, it's true friend. I have mastered the drums (on Expert!) in Rock Band on the song Say It Ain't So.

My life feels so much more enriched now.

post-fab princess said...

I visited my local farmer's market for the first time recently too. I found it a little wanting. Slim pickings, no fruit, weedy looking flowers. Crowds. Hot. Wagons filled with children. Enough said!

But they did have jam. Wonderful, yummy, homemade jam.