Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fashion: I give up!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Do you know how cute I look today? I seriously wish I had a webcam of some sorts, because I'm sitting here in my office and all of this cute is being WASTED.
(I work with women and gay men. Such is the life of the non-profit/arts communications gig.)
This morning I woke up and slowly rolled out of bed. There was no leaping, no birds chirping, no rising and shining. No, I hauled my sorry self into the bathroom and started my day.
In a bleary haze, I worked over the kitchen, looking for the blender bits for our Magic Bullet Blender, never before used. I have all the ingredients for a smoothie, but because I lack the ability to actually see or process thoughts in the morning, I went without my smoothie. I had bottom of the box cereal crumbs and slightly expired soy milk instead.
But then, people, I remembered. And I leapt into action!
I brushed. I washed. I blow-dryed, flat-ironed, hairsprayed. For the love of god, I applied a full face of makeup. WITH BRUSHES. Usually I use my stubby little fingers to smear some light-shimmer on my eyes and call it a day.
I had a day of meetings ahead of me, involving artistic staff, several dancers, sponsors and media partners. And be damned, I was going to make a good impression.
I carefully selected an outfit of cute green jacket (minus stain), well-cut trouser jeans and blue shoes, jewelery to "go" but not "match", and applied the perfect lipstick. I flipped my hair over my shoulder. I was ready, World!
I got to work and consulted my calendar.
My day of meetings is tomorrow.
Wasted effort. Wasted, wasted, wasted.


Lady Buttons said...

No darling, never wasted! Think of it as a dress rehearsal! :)

Snowflake said...

This reminds me of the time my co-presenter arrived at my hotel room door at 5:00 AM completely coifed and dressed (including lipstick) for our big day....too bad she was 3 hours early!!

Kathleen said...

I agree, cute is never wasted. If nothing else it makes you feel happy and bouncy! Now if only I could apply this to my own life...