Monday, August 24, 2009

I need a hobby. No, seriously.

Monday, August 24, 2009
This weekend I attended an engagement party BBQ for a couple I went to university with. I am so completely over the moon for this couple, because I think they make each other so very happy and they are two of my favourite people. Also, I really enjoy getting invited over to their place for dinner.
(It's our turn to host, so that wasn't a hint)
(Though I wouldn't turn them down)
The party was at her parents' house, which I always find to be interesting. I love checking out people's homes in general, but there's something very comforting about hanging out at a Mom and Dad's house. The artifacts of a family are much different than the artifacts of 20-30 somethings.
At El Rancho Doug and Lenore (my parent's place), you'll find photos of my brother and I at different, awkward stages of life. Crafts we made, ribbons and awards we won, tchotkes we collected and precious things we amassed over the 20 some years we lived there.
Our apartment is decorated with books and dvd's. Gary's got most of his life collections amassed there, including a lego pirate ship (awesome). For the most part, he's not a tchotke guy.
I, on the other hand, am storing my clutter, er, treasures from childhood, high school, and university in boxes at my Mom and Dad's house. Indefinitely.  You won't find scrapbooks full of angsty poems clipped from teen magazines, 7th place ribbons, framed certificates from essay contests or failed art projects in my home, I guess until I have childrens of my own.
And while we're on the topic of failed art projects:
I need a hobby. Seriously. I'm open to suggestions.
I've knitted. I've done pottery. Pole dancing. Aquatic running. Yoga. Pilates. German language classes.
I tend to lean towards both group classes for active hobbies and solitary pursuits for quiet, 'ME' time.
Help me, people. I need something to spice up my existence.


Senor Ping said...

how 'bout a Woodburning Kit?

Meg said...

Hahaha, funny, Dad.

Here are things I have shortlisted:

Yoga (again)
Specialized computer classes
University courses not related to my current degree
Cooking classes
Ballet for adults
Cross-Country Skiing
Beading/Jewelery Making
Starting an international-focused failed attempts at cooking blog

Lady Rose said...

Macarame? Jazzercise? Why do I feel like I'm in the 80's suddenly?

Yoga would be fun. Or ballet for adults. How about:

volunteer work (you could sit on a board!)
ummm...that's my only idea. I'm having enough trouble coming up with a hobby for me!

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