Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is this, 2004?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
I'm going out.

To the bar.

On a Tuesday.

Holy cats.

This makes me feel both age-appropriate and really, really old. The last time I went out on a work night for a non-work related activity that involved loud music, cold beer and people I didn't know was, oh, I don't know, DECADES AGO.

I'm pumped to finally meet Pat, but at the same time, today was a crazy enough day that I am equally excited to blow off some steam and drink me a good, frosty brew.


Wayne C. said...

Thank God! If you like it please do it more often. One of my great frustrations is that people when they hit 25 stop doing stuff during the work week. Going to a the occassional early show seems to be all they can muster.

Meanwhile there is a whole world of theatre, art, music just waiting to be explored. Stop nesting people and go out and live life! (sorry for the rant)

Meg said...

Hey Wayne!

I'm torn. I don't seem to know how to go half-way; I either see 4 shows a week and only occasionally enter my home to shower and sleep, or I spend every night on the couch watching sci-fi.

It's one part pocket book and one part general exhaustion. I can't keep up like I did when I was 22. That is sad, man.

I'm hoping to move towards a more manageable 2 out-nights a week when the season starts to heat up. At least, that's my goal!

Wayne c. said...

Two nights/week sounds awesome. By the way, my rant was intended to be less directed at you personally and more at the 25+ demographic in general. Particularly those without children.

Meg said...

Oh, yeah. I assumed this was a rant at the people in general, not at me. Though I absolutely am 25 years old and without children and still have difficulty making it off the couch more than once a week. Lame.