Monday, September 21, 2009

Best steak of my life

Monday, September 21, 2009
Friday night Gary and I both left work on time. We got dressed up. I applied eyeliner. We hit the town.

Gary had planned a surprise date to celebrate the amount of time we've been together. We received much mocking and some scorn from friends who reminded us that once you're no longer in high school, you're not allowed to celebrate monthly anniversaries.

But to the haters, I say boo.

I'll take any chance I can get to actually put on pretty clothes and have a nice, romantic evening with my boyfriend, and I feel that anyone would do the same.

By nice and romantic, I'm not necessarily excluding Panago delivery and three episodes of the Big Bang Theory, but variety can be a nice change...

Also, I ate the best steak I have ever encountered IN MY LIFE.

So Friday night we settled in at Vintage here in Calgary. (Tap) Water and Red Wine, crab cakes and great service later, I was convinced to trade in my favourite cut o' beef (prime rib) for a rib-eye steak.



Like butter. Steak flavoured butter. It was the best meat I have ever eaten in my life, people, and I have eaten a lot of steaks. Gary's filet mignon paled in comparison.

So here's to another 18 months, more steak, and more romance. For all of us.


Lady Rose said...

No wonder you got snobbed on ordering tap water! Vintage is uber fancy. That's quite the to-do for an 18 monthaversary.

I've only ever been on someone else's dime. But the steak is truly deeeeelish.

Senor Ping said...

What do you mean by that, exactly?


Meg said...

Dad, I love you and appreciate all the countless steaks you have grilled for me over the years- but that was sooooome steak.

Wayne C said...

Happy anniversary! I love a good rare and bloody steak. Sounds like a great evening.