Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bon Voyage, Sibbie: The Heidleberg Haus, Calgary

Sunday, September 27, 2009
My brother Al and his girlfriend, Julia, left last weekend for their 45 day trek across Europe. I am so excited for them- as far as I know, neither of them has left the continent (as kids we went to Hawaii but I still consider that part of North America).

To help them prepare for their trip, which includes a long stop in Germany, Gary and I took them out for dinner and passed on some valuable Surviving Abroad With Your Significant Other advice.

We decided that it was also a good idea to teach them some important German language skills: Food and Beer.

So before they left, we met Al and Julia at the Heidelberg Haus, the restaurant in the German Canadian Club.

First lesson: How to take photos of yourself in front of historical monuments!

Now, for $19.95 each we ate as much as we wanted from a buffet of authentic German eats. The food at the Heidelberg Haus was good, but the worst food we ate in Germany was still better.

Second lesson: How to identify delicious foods that won't kill you! (Julia is lactose intolerant)

That said, I'd go back :)

We talked about taking the train, where to find cheap food, how to say things like "beer" and "fork" and survival strategies for not breaking up while abroad.

(Full disclosure: I broke up with Gary while we were in Germany. It was hot, I was tired, and he made me climb 700 steps to the top of a hill when we CLEARLY could have taken an alternate, stair-free route. We got back together 15 minutes later.)

It's hard to talk to my brother, if you've ever met him- and it's even harder to talk sense into the boy. But I feel that buttering them up with schnitzel and kuchen helped get the final point of our conversation across:

Don't get wet, don't get lost, and because those two things are going to happen regardless of any preparations, don't take it out on each other.


Senor Ping said...

To get a greater understanding of why it is sp hard to talk sense to Allan, you must realize that he is a Stampeder and a Leaf Fan.

Lady Rose said...

Tell your brother he still owes me $5. :)