Monday, September 14, 2009

Jake and the Kid

Monday, September 14, 2009
This weekend Gary and I joined Lady and Mr Rose for a matinee performance of Theatre Calgary's Jake and the Kid. It made me nostalgic for a Saskatchewan that existed 40 years before I was born, but in so many ways, is the Saskatchewan I grew up in.

Saskatchewan gets a lot of flack. I give it my fair share, too. My boyfriend frequently comments on how boooooring it is to drive through, and how much better his home province is. Yes, BC is Canada's Golden Child, and everything there smells like fresh nature and green trees and joy rains from the skies and unicorns run free. I get it.

But the flat, stark beauty of the prairies shouldn't be ignored.

Jake and the Kid was a show that won me over with bling. The set design was marvelous. The wide-open feeling of the prairies that I found so suffocating as a teenager was captured with a multimedia display projected on stage. We saw the town of Crocus through the eyes of The Kid, at the scale of The Kid. Barn doors towered and the sky stretched out beyond belief. Only the chill of the Max Bell theatre reminded me that I wasn't in the dirty, dusty, dry prairie.

The production had some challenges- relationships that would have added depth to the production weren't explored, the show moved at a slow, loping pace- but Jake and the Kid is what it is.

And at the heart of it, it's a play that reminds us of the importance of faith, of community, and what happens when the two are combined.

At least, that's my take.


post-fab princess said...

I used to watch that TV series years ago!! CBC I think?? I loved it. I had a crush on Jake and I TOTALLY wanted him to get with the war-widow lady...

I never had a bad word for SK, until I lived here. Now my coworkers just roll their eyes when I pronounce that I discovered yet ANOTHER thing wrong with this place as compared to ON. (:

Yeah, I'm THAT guy.

Laurel said...

Thanks for the quick review. I'm checking it out on Tuesday.

Lady Rose said...

Well, it is the land of the living skies after all. I used to summer with the grandparents in small town Saskatchewan nearly every year (didn't we all?) and I loved it. I actually loved it more than the family vacations we took in BC.

Grampa's garden, helping out at the pro shop, the ice cream store off the highway, main street, the outdoor pool on scorching days, cool dark library corners, shelling peas with Grandma...nothing like a Saskatchewan summer.

But I wasn't wowed by the play. Because I am now a cynical, critical you know what.

Sterling Lynch said...

I think Saskatchewan has a haunting beauty about it. All that sky. An ocean of sky. Sunsets and rises that empty into forever.

Oh and hot chicks.