Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Long Weeeeekend

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Hey guys.


The long weekend came and went, with it several days of driving and sitting and more driving and getting sort of off track on secondary highways in Alberta and a harrowing drive through the Kootenay Mountain Pass after midnight. And eating at McDonalds, TWICE. (We never ever ever eat at McDonalds, but not much is open in Fernie at 10:00pm. Who knew?) But hey! There was also a Ferry ride, fresh corn on the cob and some delicious spaghetti, so not all is lost.

Anyway, I'm back in Calgary, and I have oodles of housecleaning to do, and it's cold enough now that I can't walk to work with wet hair without my little ears getting chilly. I have a semi-formal cocktail event on Thursday night and I have nothing to wear; I have my first hot yoga class on Wednesday night and I have nothing to wear; and I'm contemplating getting bangs.



post-fab princess said...

Ooooh, I've always wanted to try hot yoga. But then again my one and only room-temp yoga class was a FAIL, so perhaps I should let sleeping dogs lie. Now I blackberry on the treadmill at 5am like a proper yuppie DINK. At least I don't spin! Let me know how it goes!!!!

Bangs?? Ooh tell me more...I am intrigued.

Lady Rose said...

A legitimate excuse to eat at McDonalds twice? roll with it.

Cocktail party? please, you have at least 3 appropriate outfits.

Hot Yoga? why, why must it be hot?

Bangs? Depends on what kind of bang we're talking about.

Sterling Lynch said...

On the trip back from Edmonton, I had McDonald's breakfast twice in a 24hr period! I am pretty sure there was a BK Burger in there too ....

Lady Buttons said...

Bangs on me are a no-go. I always want 'em 'cause they're so darn cute!, then once in a while I'll break down and get 'em ... and then promptly remember why I don't have bangs whilst regretting my decision for the months it takes to grow them out from my stupid cowlicky forehead. Also might be a pain in the rear with your hot yoga? Nothin' feels quite as blick as hot schweaty hair stuck to your hot schweaty forehead. Unless you maybe get one of those old-school John McEnroe headbands?

Meg said...

pfp- I do so love spinning. It makes me feel, even if only for a few minutes, like a genuinely trendy rom-com sidekick. They always seem to be going to spin class.

Bangs- it's a full bang. Not a bowl bang, but more than a side-sweep. So far, only one person has said, "yeah, that'd be cute" and I think he only said that because I kick him in my sleep.

And yes to the headbands, bang or no bang.

Lady Rose said...

I ate McDonalds last week. All this McDonalds talk drove me to it! And the painful dentist appointment.