Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Find Classical Music I Love...Part One

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
So I've been neglecting what is truly a really, really, ridiculously easy item on my 101 list- find three classical albums I love.

Gary and I talked at lengths this weekend about all of the things that have changed since we went from two single individuals living completely separate lives in two different households to two individuals living lives that intersect in one household.

A subtle thing that both of us noticed is the fact that we don't listen to music anymore. I've lived my life with music playing - my dad is in a band, people. Silence was a rare thing around my house. Gary worked in one of the biggest music stores in Western Canada. And now, we sit in silence staring at each other almost every night of the week.

So Gary went out and bought like, actually at a store! a bunch of CDs.

And I am currently listening to Chopin.

Which brings us back to finding some classical music to love.

Does anyone have any favourites they'd like to share? I'm also looking for Jazz, or really, anything. In terms of other musical genres, I tend to sway to the moody, depressed Canadian Indie Rockers that bemoan the harsh realities of the middle class.

But really, any suggestions at this time will be investigated. And I promise to report back my feelings on any suggestions you may have!


Marisa said...

I'm not big on classical music (does the theme to "The West Wing" count? Bc if it does, that's what I sing in my head when I can't get Beyonce's latest freaking sound dislodged from my noggin)...

... but I've always been a sucker for Dave Brubeck. Good, easy, interesting yet laid back background music.

Speaking of which, I need to put on some background music. Like you, I sit in a silent office in a silent house and then wonder why I'm so lonely.

Laurel said...

Debussy is quite good if you're looking to expand the Classical Library.

Lady Rose said...

Jon and I had that same issue! We have rectified it now, of course, but we had some quiet years.

Are you indicating that you don't like Chopin? Because Chopin should be perfect for you! The nocturnes!!

I'm a big fan of Vivaldi's Four Seasons but that's for when you want to be perked up.

Meg said...

No, lovin' the Chopin :)

RD.Hein said...

Could I please help in the jazz situation? If the idea of New Orleans Dixiland Jazz appeals to you, try Black Swan Clasic Jazz Band. Maybe Hot Jazz a la Français? Try Django Reinhardt and Stéphan Grappelli. Jazz reminiscent of our second year in University: John Coltrane. Some latin flavour try Stan Getz & João Gilberto.

Michael said...

Holst- The Planets Suite
Sergei Prokofiev- Peter and the Wolf (loved this as a child)

Jazz/Big Band
Danny Kaye w/The Andrews Sisters- Civilization (Really, anything from the Fallout 3 GNR Radio Files)
Louis Armstrong
Ella Fitzgerald
Harry Connick Jr- Blue Light, Red Light

Wayne C. said...

This sounds like a great project. I am far from an expert in ethier genre, but here are a few things I like:

Jazz: A love Supreme- John Coltrane
Kind of Blue- Miles Davis

Classical: Mozart, Bach, Stravinsky

Opera- Carmina Burana -Carl orff

I reccomend seeing an orchestra live. Very cool.

Carmen P said...

I love Vivaldi's Four Seasons...OOOH! And Moonlight Sonata. (BEST!)... but I recommend that you get a "mix" cd of classical artists instead of buying all of one composer's work. It's a good way to get your feet wet!