Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our first big couple purchase

Sunday, October 04, 2009
On Saturday I went to work for a few hours, as I assume will become the norm. It's so much quieter, I get so much work done, I don't have to speak with other humans. Bliss.

Saturday afternoon I came home and stared blankly at Gary. What to do? What to do? Friday night we both worked late and then watched some sit-commery and ate gummi peaches. But surely we couldn't do the same thing two nights in a row- and plus, it was only 4:00.

So we decided to go look at new furniture.

This seemed like a trap. There we were, a twenty-something couple who clearly live together. Dual incomes. No kids. Furniture salesman's delight. There was no way this was going to end well.

One store, awful service and 15 minutes later, we had selected a couch. The salesdude we were talking to pretty much left us to our own devices and spared us the up-sale, while six other hungry Brick employees circled us like sharks.

But the couch was good. The price was right. The style was right. We both felt it was comfortable, stylish-ish, and exactly what we both required from a couch. For me, it's nappable. For Gary, you can bolt a bass engine to the frame without destroying the structural integrity of the couch.

Plus, it wasn't forest green polyester.

But it wouldn't be appropriate to just buy a couch like that, would it? Isn't furniture buying supposed to be an arduous, drawn-out task that takes weeks and ends with us breaking up? I mean, yeah, I bought a car without test-driving it, but this is a couch, people! It's completely different!

So we took a pause and did what rational, grown-up couples do: we went to Ricky's for dinner to talk it out.

Well, we hadn't ordered our food and it was decided. (by the way, don't order the "traditional pasta" at Ricky's. Trust me on this one)

Our new couch will be delivered sometime in the next 10 days or so. Please, feel free to drop by and feel it's luxurious leathers on your bottom.

But please wear pants. After all, the couch is new.

UPDATE: Click here to view the couch. Also note that we got a sweet deal and only paid $450 for it.


Snowflake said...

Color??? do tell more or post some pictures.

Carmen said...

Good for you kids. I bought a couch in one afternoon a couple summers ago. I also bought a table randomly one weekend. What?! It was on sale and I needed the Airmiles! It's all about split decisions then trying to figure out what to do with the old furniture afterward!
PS. Wanna buy the table and chair set ED and I had in our university apartment?

Breanne said...

I am insanely jealous that you took one trip and bought a couch. Kev & I went out week after week... sitting on everything in our price range. Unimpressed with everything. We did finally find couches. But I still have no coffee tables. :(

Sterling Lynch said...

That's a good price for a couch. I spent aaaages looking for a couch and couldn't find anything decent that was also inexpensive. Then it occurred to me: futon!

Ahh, cheap and uncomfortable but it becomes a decent bed in a pinch.

post-fab princess said...

Saturday work is a crime!!!

OMG, the last time I went to the Brick is hard-sell crazy. I cannot deal with circling shark salespeople - I feel like I can't make any eye contact, or else I'm chum!!

hee hee, hubs and I always have dinner when we discuss a big purchase too. The last one was a couch/mattress. The one before that was our car (two years ago). Post couch pics!

Wayne C, said...

Congrats on the couch purchase. I can appreciate nappableness. That's probably the most underated feature in furniture.

Meg said...

Thanks for your comments, everybodies!

Carmen- I'm not so interested in the table and chair set. However, if you still have that Last Supper paiting, my home is missing a little something.

Sterling- I spent many a night crashing futons. The one at Amanda's is particularly comf-ariffic.

PFP- working on Saturdays is a crime, but it's better than working on Sundays. I refuse to work on Sundays because that is my day reserved for sulking about going back to work on Monday.