Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I Hate/Love Adult Ballet Class, or, How to Humiliate a Megan

Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Adult Ballet class is not easy, people. I hate it. I have a new love for ballet, an incredible respect for people who do it, but seriously. I hate Monday nights from 7-8:15.

The first time Gary held my hand was on our fourth date. (How gentlemanly!) Remind me to someday tell you the horrifying tale of our first kiss. Because let me tell you, it's a miracle he even called me again, let alone that we're still dating and share a postal code.

So anyway. On that magical fourth date evening, the first words out of his mouth upon clasping my hand were, "ooh, clammy hands."

This is relevant because last night, I was forced against my will to HOLD HANDS with another woman over the age of 20 and SKIP.

Did I mention that we are encouraged to wear tights and leotards?*

And the whole time, running through my head was:


Adult ballet is HARD, people. Not only because it requires grace, class, and elegance, but also because it makes you want to die on the inside.

*tease. I wear yoga pants. But I get glares from Miss Ballet Instructor, who is alarmingly scary and I might actually consider the leotard and tights combo to avoid any further scorn.


Snowflake said...

Please tell me that you know how to skip....I hope that it is one thing I taught you in Kindergarten!!!
Actually, it sounds like fun...think positive thoughts...and would you like tights and a leotard for Xmas???

Snowflake said...
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Wayne C. said...

Can hardly wait to hear that first kiss story :) Good luck with the ballet. I hope it gets easier. If not, at least it makes for hilarious blog posts.

By the way, on an unrelated note I am trying to drum up some support for this Aviva proposal. You don't have to be from Ottawa to vote, but if you do vote for us you will be really helping the Ottawa Theatre community out. Here is the link http://bit.ly/iTtnE