Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The tacos dreams are made of

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
I have never been to Mexico.

Well, Mexico proper. I've been to Tijuana. But I'm not sure that counts, plus I don't like to think about it because those memories inevitably just glom together into a mess of confused 14 year old after being propositioned in an alley emotion.

But I love Mexican food.

It's truly unfortunate then, that I live in Calgary, which is a barren wasteland of Mexican food delights. We have some high-gloss tex-mex eateries- like Julio's Barrio and Chilis and Avocado Grill, but they don't scratch my itch.

We have some smaller family-run restaurants that are more authentic, but difficult to get to, out of my price range or open sporadically.

But last night Gary and I tried out a new place that opened on 17th Avenue. Los Chilitos Taco and Tequila House opened a few months ago. We were on our way to grab dinner at Moxies when we took a detour and decided to try something different.

I am so glad we did.

The restaurant is small, with a handful of tables in two small rooms. It's a bit sparsely decorated, but feels warm and a mix of blind daters, families and groups of studenty-looking people were scattered about.

While the portions were small, the prices were right. My steak burrito with rice and beans was nicely spicy, tender, juicy and delicious for $12.95, as was Gary's taco platter. We shared a flan for desert and with two sodas, our total was under $40.

My one gripe, other than small portion sized entrees? No free chips and salsa.

We left satisfied, but not stuffed. Next time we go back - and there absolutely will be a next time - I think we'll order an appetizer to share. And perhaps peruse the tequila menu.



Anonymous said...

Los Chilitos has become my fave restaurant here in Calgary! I love it!