Monday, November 02, 2009

Things that Chap my Hide: November 2 Edition

Monday, November 02, 2009
This morning I reveled in the joy of the end of Daylight Savings time and actually responded to my alarm clock, getting out of bed at an appropriate time.

I leisurely had breakfast, did up my hair, put on makeup, even dressed myself in an outfit with coordinating accessories. It was going to be a good day!

Then I got ready to leave our apartment and noticed, on my way out the door, that I had a giant run in my tights. We're talkin' knee to ankle. Brand new tights. Why do I even bother?!

I hate you, tights, for making me scramble to choose a different outfit, fussing up my hair and making me miss the early bus. I arrived not early to work, looking mussed and haggard, as always. Thanks. A LOT.

Secondly, what is it with me and bringing random cans to work for lunch? Last week I brought a can of fruit cocktail. To work. For lunch. This is not an appropriate lunch. Today at least I have a can of soup. But that's it. Grumble.

Thirdly, the sound of the printer at work is driving me crazy, but everyone else has either a) deserted us for greener less insane pastures or b) has the H1N1 and is too sick to come to work. Dang you all.

I'm the Marquess of Grumpsalot today, peoples. And I'm wearing cheap synthetic new shoes from Payless that are blistering my tiniest toes juuuust in time for my ballet class tonight.