Monday, December 07, 2009


Monday, December 07, 2009
Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. It's probably my favourite holiday, and aside from a period in my life where I was set on sulking and generally being a bratty teen, I have some of the most wonderful memories of Christmastime.

Yeah. This year I'm totally not feeling it.

I'm not going home for the first time in my life. By home, I mean to wherever my parents are going, because we alternated years between their sides of the family. I'm going to BC with Gary to his mom's, which will be really nice and I'm very excited about it, but it won't be the same.

No zillions of cousins, no twenty kinds of cookies, no stockings, no angry dominoes, super competitive jigsaw puzzling or Bailey Family Shinny/Curling Bonspiel/Snowman Making Contest/Cribbage Tournament/Nature Walk. (By the way, this sounds awful, but those activities are a lot more fun now that I can drink festive boozy beverages!)

Top that off with a seasonal work schedule o' crap, no tree in our tiny shoebox of an apartment, limited ambition to bake more than one kind of cookie (so far I'm at two, but the first batch required 'quality control' testing measures and won't make it past Friday), no time to watch Love Actually and the fact that we are so broke that we are not exchanging gifts with almost anyone, and I've got a serious case of Tinsel Ennui.


Lady Rose said...

XOMP! No time for Love Actually? I think you need some priority re-arranging Megan!! Perhaps Megans want to come over and help decorate the tree at Chez Chapmaneroniopolous? I can promise 5 kinds of Christmas treats.

Abbey Shaw said...

I'm the same as you.
Not feeling it this year. The DBF even offered to make the gingerbread house with me last night.. (he hates stuff like that).

and I just wanted to do it alone, or not at all.

I feel you.

Robert said...

I thought you had today off? Why aren't you watching Love Actually right now while mixing cookie dough, eggnog in hand?

post-fab princess said...

I am totally going to re-watch Love Actually, AND my seasonal ritual of trying to watch all 2 seasons plus Christmas Special of the Office, UK version. Last year I FAILED.

The best part of the holidays is boozing with family, I concur.