Monday, December 21, 2009


Monday, December 21, 2009
I feel like I'm in one of those holiday movies where they flash a constant countdown across the screen. Today I woke up with a "Four Days Until Christmas" in nice red font running across my imaginary screen.

The moral of every holiday movie is the same - cheer, goodwill, blah blah blah, love, kindness, etc. I keep thinking that I'll come around, that I'll wake up on Christmas morning, look out the window at the quiet world blanketed with snow, and be filled with joy.

But after bursting out into tears in the parking lot at Denny's while wishing my parents a Merry Christmas/safe drive, it seems unlikely.

I've been completely unfair to my boyfriend, who is a lovely person who volunteered to go to Fountain Tire, purchase and have winter tires installed, and then walk back to work AND walk back to Fountain Tire to pick up *my* car.

(I'm a bit bummed that all the money I have in the world right now, including my christmas money from my grandmas and my parents, is going to pay for stupid snow tires instead of a netbook and new lip gloss, but at least we won't die (hopefully) while attempting to cross through two mountain passes in BC on Thursday.)

But I've been a total Grinch. I've been in/on the verge of tears for a week, and I keep saying some variation of "Christmas SUCKS." Poor Gary is super excited for us to spend our first Christmas at his Mom's house, together, and I'm ruining it.

I don't know how to suck it up and deal and get over myself and smile, so I've decided that I'm going to cry my little eyes out in the bathroom all I want, but then I'm going to put my big girl santa pants on and try to be merry.

Though honestly...the only thing worse than NOT being Merry is TRYING to be Merry when you are most definitely not.


Lady Rose said...

Admittedly, my first Christmas away from my family involved a beach in Cuba so it might have been a bit easier to deal with. Regardless, here is my tip: booze. It's surprising how much less you miss your family when you're sipping a mojito 24/7.

The other thing you can do when meshing with your SO is to bring some of your Christmas traditions with you. A welcoming family will make little adjustments for your happiness. Sing a favorite carol, bake a favorite cookie, work on that ridiculously difficult 1,000 piece puzzle that's nothing buy sky.

And remember that this isn't your last Christmas ever!

Snowflake said...

Megan, enjoy your Christmas with Gary and his Mom!!! We will be thinking of you (and you us) but don't let that spoil your favorite holiday!! And remember, it will be a quiet Yorkton Xmas without Erin and Marc and Mike, so you won't be missing much!!

Abbey Shaw said...

I'm so there with you.
Trust me.

*cheers to being a grinch*.

My DBF hates christmas usually, and this year he is just SOOO excited.

Poor guy.♥

Marisa said...

You were on my mind when I wrote today's post about handling holidays with in-laws, so I was glad to read that it helped you! Happy Holidays!