Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tropical House Plant

Friday, December 18, 2009
Gary and I joined Mama and Papa B, my sibling and his lady-friend for dinner last night. We went to Big T's BBQ by McMahon Stadium, where we ate a colossal amount of meat. And hushpuppies. And baked beans. And corn bread. And meat.

The meat was so delicious that I am contemplating driving up there right now for another plate of brisket. Mmmm. Brisket.

Mom and Dad also gave me my gifts for Christmas. They are sitting, wrapped, under our rubber tree plant, because our house is where Christmas Traditions go to die.

I will try my very best not to open them before Christmas, but it's reaaaaally tempting. I mean, who would know? Only Gary.

But the guilt! Oh, the seasonal guilt. What to do?


Snowflake said...

It will make you very sad on Christmas morning if you have nothing to open so LEAVE THOSE PRESENTS ALONE!!!!! (Shaking and snooping is allowed!!)