Friday, December 04, 2009

Project: Long Long Weekend

Friday, December 04, 2009
Things are crazy at Camp Paysthebills. So crazy, because - well, there's this iconic piece of performing art set to the music of one Mr. Tchaikovsky, featuring rats and crazy dolls and sugar plum fairies.

And it runs for pretty much the entire month of December.

Given that I could probably work from 7 AM until 8 PM every single day, seven days a week, and not run out of things to do, I'm feeling a little burned out. So to avoid going all Jack in the Shining on you and everyone else I love/tolerate/am forced to see on a regular basis, I took today and Monday off before I leave for almost a week in wonderful snowy Edmonton.

I have a gross amount of overtime in lieu, but anyone that works in a kind of organization that actually allows you to bank excessive amounts of overtime (one of my coworkers has SIX WEEKS worth of time banked) realizes that it's incredibly difficult to ever take that much time off, particularly when you're sort of a workaholic/control freak.

So here I am. 7:30 AM on my Friday off. Freaking out, resisting the urge to call the office, pick up my voicemail, check my work email. I'm up way earlier than I get up on a normal workday.

This always happens when I take days off. Woe. Woe is me.


Robert said...

Go to a movie. Go for a pedicure. Take a bath. Have a massage. Go for lunch. Take a nap. Have a drink. Have another drink. Go shopping. Make dinner. Read a book.

Or just do nothing.

Whatever you do, don't call in. Someone else might/should pick up the slack. Or maybe they should lose their job.

Robert said...

Scratch that, you should just make this: ginerbread apple upside-down cake

Meg said...

Robert, I like your list.

So far, Laundry Mountain has been tackled and is no more; dinner is in the slow cooker and I'm dressed in comfy clothes that I actually could leave the house in...if I wanted to.

I figure I'll do the 'work' first and then lounge for the rest of the weekend. Ahhh. Weeeekend.

Abbey Shaw said...

Good day to avoid going into work, love.
Avoid the effing snow storm.