Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rom-Vom, or, Let Me Save You a Few Bucks on that Next Rental

Sunday, January 17, 2010
This week I had the pleasure of watching two films with two friends. Because a cliche is nothing but the honest truth most of the time, both of these chick-flick outings involved eating a meal comprised solely of junk food - specifically, a salty carby treat and something made entirely of sugar.

Over a scrumptious dinner of buttered popcorn and plain M&M's, my friend Dana and I caught a Thursday night showing of the new Amy Adams film, Leap Year.

Skip it.

Unless, of course, you like pretty pictures of Ireland, drool-worthy shoes, Boston condo porn, total and utterly predictable 'plot twists' and hot Irish dudes who work in a pub.

Now that I think of it like that, it was pretty satisfying.

But yesterday. Whooo, yesterday.

Amanda and I went out for a pub lunch and then settled in on couch island for a ripple-chip and gummi pig matinee of the new Alexis Bledel feature, Post Grad.


There's nothing more depressing than a movie about a quarter-life crisis than a BAD movie about a quarter-life crisis, wherein I found myself watching the STORY OF MY OWN NAIVE LIFE circa 2006-2008.

Unfortunately, this movie also featured several disjointed subplots that taught us life lessons like "eating your feelings solves your problems!"; "sure, that cute guy friend you've felt nothing but platonic about will wait around for like, a decade, for you to pull your head out of your ass and realize he's about the best thing going"; "just wait, your dreams really WILL come true, with minimum effort and compromise on your part, if you just BELIEVE in yourself" and "over-the-top romantic gestures (like, say, flying across the country unannounced to profess your undying love) always, and I mean, ALWAYS, turn out well!"


Now I'm all worked up about it.

I'm going to go eat my feelings now. And then I'm going to watch some TRUSTED chick flickery. And eat something made entirely of sugar.


post-fab princess said...

I saw Post-Grad on the plane over xmas. Vom indeed. Terrible. No, it was terrible, spelled wrong: terribel.

My fave romances are big 'how are they all interconnected' ensembles like Love Actually or Valentine's Day, which is coming out in a couple of weeks and which I will force my hubs to accompany me to. [Forget that I wouldn't see Public Enemies with him when he asked. I am not a very good wife.]

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