Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Zen Art of the 50 Cent Hot Dog

Saturday, January 02, 2010
I am so not ready to go back to work. I should have borrowed a move from a wise friend and taken an extra week off, but I know myself and I know that a week off when everyone else is back in the office does not equal relaxing Megan time. It equals paranoid email checking, cabin fever and frantic stress time.

I am doing something wrong, clearly.

With only two days left of my awesome 12 day vacation, today was a fifty-fifty split of doing and not doing. Cleaning, washing dishes, tidying up old magazines, napping.

And then Gary came home from the gym and we decided to set out in search of three things:

New Bedsheets
Zen-like, asian-inspired decor item

We received a new rug from Gary's mom for Christmas, to go with our new sofa. It's black, it's jazzy, it has a crazy bamboo pattern on it. If it wasn't midnight I'd take a photo for you, but I don't know where my camera to computer cord is.

(On the UPSIDE, I finally found my DVD with all my vacation photos from 2008 on it, which I had 'misplaced' in the Great Cohabitation Move! Photo albums here we come!)

Gary thinks that a zen-like room decor accessory thing would really play up the quasi-oriental theme we've got going, so off to find the perfect zen-ish table water fountain/glass dish full of sand/bamboo in vase/Buddha head we go.

We wanted new bedding because I don't particularly dig what we've got now, it's starting to get this dingy look to it, and it has a giant, feather-escaping hole.

And it was nearly 3:30 and neither of us had consumed any food or food-like substances since getting out of bed earlier that day.

The only place we could think of where we could purchase asian-inspired home decor, food and bed linens:


Did you know that the restaurant in Ikea does not serve hot dogs?

Even if you climb up the stairs, ride down the elevator (what is wrong with us?! it's one floor!) then back up the stairs, and then back down the other side?

But the Bistro does.

Five hot dogs, one soda and one bag of chips in tummy between the two of us and $4.20 lighter about the wallet, our food needs were met. White sheets and a white duvet cover were purchased.

But the quest for the ultimate home accessory? Continues. We went to Ikea, Pier One, Michaels, JYSK and Urban Barn, but with no luck. The perfect harmonious home accent piece is out there, I know it. I can feel it in my bones. Once we have it, our Karma and chi and ying and yang will be balanced, and all will be well with the world.

Plus, our apartment will look cooler.

I know you are all just dyyying to hear how our decor adventure unfurls! Personally, it's what's getting me through the cold, early months of 2010. Stay tuned.


Lady Rose said...

I'm particularly glad for the extra week since the last 3 days have been totally lost in a haze of back pain. whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Also, have you considered trying to make your perfect home decor object by hot gluing together some sweet 'found' objects from your alley? I bet that would feng your shui real nice.