Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sunday, February 14, 2010
Friday night I attended the opening of one of the plays in ATP's playRites festival with a few friends who are regular blog readers (but strangely, they never comment...) and was called out on the fact that I haven't been blogging as regularly as I used to.

I'm sorry. I've been a bit busy transitioning jobs and attempting to scrape together some sanity.

At any rate, I hit the ground running in the new gig with a media preview on my first day of work and the opening of two exhibits. Last night I hit up the Launch Party for these two shows and enjoyed listening to the reactions of the first 600-odd people through the exhibits.

And today I am going to the new giant mall on the outskirts of Calgary to celebrate. Huzzah! Retail therapy! New Job, New Shoes!


Carolyn said...

I am one of your anonymous readers and I am so happy your slow blogging is due to awesome living. Good vibes your way during you big transition!

Bellini said...

Yay new shoes.

I never comment because I read your blog though RSS and not your site...usually at work... or on my phone in the car...

BELLINI LIVES! happy that your blog does as well and that you're enjoying the new job. :)

Wayne C. said...

Sounds like your in a good little groove. I hope it lasts!
Like you, I'm totally dependent on comments to keep me going. Lately though I have suffered from bloggers blog so I can relate. :)

Lady Buttons said...

Viva la Meg in the City! Good luck with that sanity thing. If you find any extra, feel free to pass it along...

Congrats on the new job, and more importantly -- zee new shoes!