Thursday, February 04, 2010


Thursday, February 04, 2010
There is an automatic, motion-sensor air freshener device in the bathroom at my office.

It's a great idea in theory. I appreciate always walking in to a fresh loo, and with 10-15 of us using one biffy all day long, it makes a difference in the quality of life at work.

But the unfortunate side of this is that every single time I open the bathroom door, I get hit with a fresh burst of aerosol scent. This means that I spend most of the day smelling like 'clean laundry' or 'spring rain', or what is essentially the smell everyone associates with covering up poo odors.

I try so hard to be a grown up lady. Seriously. I do. Why, Universe, must you make it so difficult for me?


Anonymous said...

There's one of those in our bathroom at work too. In the ceramic tile acoustics of the bathroom its "fpsssst" of spray startles me every time. It strikes me as hazardous to alarm someone when he needs to relieve himself.

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