Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photocopier Rock-Out

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
So I started my new job half-way through last week. In a desperate attempt to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone but me, I finished Old Job on Wednesday at 5:30 PM and started New Job on Thursday at 8:30 AM. Lesson One: Never do this. I beseech you. You'll regret it. Even if there is a long weekend but two short days ahead.
Starting a new job is exhausting!
At any rate, I spent two days last week roaming the Museum. The Giant, Blows-Your-Mind, "But it doesn't look that big from the outside" Museum. I have never walked so far in such high heels in my life.
Lesson Two: On your first day, when chosing between Adorable Shoes and Functional Shoes, pick the Functional Ones. People can be wowed by your awesome patent red peep-toe pumps at a later date.
But seriously. This place is HUGE. The exhibition floors are pretty big, but there are only three of them. If you look at a map of the building, it doesn't seem that large. But boy-howdy. There is a lot going on backstage.
There are 8 floors in this building. About half of the three aforementioned floors are for public exhibitions, and the other half of that space is used for behind the scenes stuff. Like conservation labs. And archives. And collections of priceless art. And production shops. And paint spray booths. And pest control systems. And Administrative Desk Jockeys. And Military History Collections.
It is HUGE.
I am so excited, and so thrilled, and so totally lost every time I have to even get up and go to the printer. I've spent most of the day hiding in my cozy little office, with my cozy little lamp and my cozy little ceramic hippo, at the risk of wandering into the archives stacks and never returning.
Seriously. You'd never see nor hear from me again!
I like it here :)


Marisa said...

I'd been waiting to hear about your new job, and THIS SOUNDS FREAKING AWESOME! (except for the shoes part, but I've done the same thing many times... can't be blamed for wanting to wear cute shoes... then can't be blamed for wishing you could cut your hurting feet off at the ankles.)

Anyhoo, I'm so excited for you!