Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy in so many different ways

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back in, oh, January, I blogged about our ongoing quest to find the perfect zen-inspired decor accessory. Yeah, you thought we'd dropped that, but here it is, almost April, and it's still on.

It's on like "let's go to ikea and construct our own because NOTHING available for purchase is perfect!" ON.

Several weeks ago (also in January...) Gary picked out a bamboo salad bowl. It has a flat bottom and flat-walled sides, and is, oh, maybe 6 or 8 inches deep. We debated on ways to fill said bowl - sand, seashells, candles, rocks, voodoo bones of our enemeies. We've ultimately settled on 6 bamboo stems - two curly, four straight; white sand, and a handfull of relatively large river rocks.

I swear to god, if we ever buy a place, decorating it is going to take us 30 years. We'll have just finished it when we start collecting our pensions.

On Sunday we decided to go purchase the items required to complete the Zen Accessory.

Except that Ikea was out of white sand. They only had gray sand. And that just won't do.

So we checked out the new patio furniture, bought 50 cent hot dogs and went home.

The saga continues!