Monday, March 15, 2010

it's not like it fell off the back of a truck.

Monday, March 15, 2010
Internets, I am nervous. The University I graduated from is having an Industry Night on Thursday and I am speaking at it.

To several (supposedly dozens, maybe even 80 or so, but I'm telling myself it's 9) impressionable young minds who want to do what I do. Who may or may not respect that 4 short years ago, I was exactly where they are, with similar hopes and fears and questions.

I am shaking in my red patent pumps, people. The only tale I know how to tell is a cautionary one. I've had so many jobs and so many experiences that the only thing I can think of to put on my powerpoint slides are stupid stories about business travel, what not to say to a C-Suite Executive and reasons why you shouldn't get drunk at your corporate Christmas party.

And these little gems, while entertaining, aren't exactly what the kids are looking for.

Help me, internets. I have three days until I present, with a group of my "peers" who are all Marketing Directors and VP's. Put yourself into the shoes of an undergrad. What do YOU want to know about working in Arts Marketing?

Oh. The subject line. Yeah, well, I acquired this case of free beer today at work, and drank one, and now I've broken out in a red rashy hive thing that itches and feels sort of like a sunburn. It's currently limited to my face, thank goodness...but, uh...suspicious.


Laurel said...

May I suggest --

If all else fails it's good for a laugh!

Breanne said...

Is it part of the Will it WRK 4U? series? If so call or email me. Cheryl (our CEO) just did a presentation there and I can tell you what she spoke about and thought of it. (I wrote the presentation)

Alex said...

As a current (soon to be former) student in your prime demographic...

What students want most is to understand just what their lives will look like. I would walk them through a day in you life- in your job. Few people understand it. Tell them a few stories. Main thread being- if you don't love what you do it, it's not worth it? Because isn't that what we've been saying all these years? Haha.

All i know is that the best 'industry talks' i've had in the past few years have been from people who could put it into real terms...helpful?

And you can offer some pretty amazing advice about staying strong and confident. ...and tights...