Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lunch at my desk

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Taking my lunch to work is always a struggle for me. I get the benefits- it's cheaper, it's healthier than eating fast food from the food court every day, and it makes me more mindful of what I'm eating. I've tried coming up with ways to eliminate the 'barriers' or excuses to not bring my lunch since I started my new job, and I'm happy to say that I've packed a lunch at least 4 times a week since the middle of February. In fact, there's been only 3 days that I've bought lunches.
I like to sleep in, so I've started making lunches at night.
I bought a cute lunch bag and some practical-sized reusable containers.
I mark my calendar with a little pink dot for every day that I bring lunch. It's like a gold star.
The only problem is that I'm bored with my lunches. I usually bring either a frozen dinner, leftovers, or canned soup. Last week I had a 'nibbly' lunch with pita and hummus, fruit and some crackers - but I am totally out of insipiration.
Does anyone have any great lunch ideas?
I've used my crockpot on the weekend to make a week's worth of chili before, and that was handy, but I'm kind of sick of chili.


Lady Rose said...

What about sandwiches and salads? I like to cook up a chicken breast and cut it up into bits. I'll put that on top of any old salad and it's instantly more satisfying. Plus, if you want to plan ahead you can wash and shred 2-3 days worth of lettuce on a Sunday. Then it's super fast to assemble a salad.

p.s. Is this conversation more or less lame old lady than our conversation about grocery shopping?

Alex said...

Hmmm... i sometimes bring a salad with chicken. or those unclebens rice steamer things. hmm... my strategy is to only buy my 'main course'. i bring my one snacks, drink, coffee, etc. then lunch is only 4-6 dollars and i'm not getting a sugary drink and snack with it.

i shake n' bake chicken because it's crispy for salads. hmmm. it is tough though. i hear ya.

Meg said...

Well, that conversation we had about the pros and cons of no name canned goods was pretty lame.

But I bought the no name peanut butter, and you're right! Less sugary!

♥AbbeyMaybe said...

I have an awesome slow cooker lemon chicken recipe.

Try making a salad with all the goodies cut up in a container separate. Mix before. Shrimp, avocado, seeds, tomato, red onion, peppers, strawberries, pears, whatever! Everything YUM!

Robert said...

Quiche is an easy take-to-work lunch especially if you buy a pastry shell already done or use frozen puff-pastry. I've taken to buying a large quantity of stuff and leaving it in the office fridge. Pacific Foods does good soups in tetra-packs. Also try keeping dry couscous in your desk - it cooks with boiling water from a kettle - toss it in your salad. Quinoa with grated carrot and beets and a dressing is a nice change too.

Senor Ping said...

P, B and J!!!!!!!

PatZ said...

buy a large pizza and you have lunch for like, 3 days.

hey, it's hard to let those student habits go.

Erin B said...

HUMMUS! So easy and quick. And cheap! I've got a good recipe for you it uses Peanut Butter.

And crock pots...try this blog. Someone who did it for a year. With reviews and pictures.

Love the gold stars. WE MUST DATE! I'm using fancy stickers to motivate me to run.