Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cranky McGrumblepants

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I am so cranky today. I don't know what's wrong, or what in particular is irking me, or why I'm being so difficult.
So I present to you, in random order, a random list.
- I want beaners and weans. You know, hot dogs sliced up in a can of baked beans, simmered until heated through. I would like to eat this with white bread a margarine. I think this means I miss my dad.
- I seriously wish this freaking headache would sod off already. A girl can only consume so much advil.
- My jaw hurts. Stupid headache.
- I gave away all of my summer clothes when I shacked up with Gary, and then last summer I was unemployed and broke, so everything I own is black or grey, shapeless and made out of wool. This is great beacause, yay, legit reason to shop, but not great because, boo, I hate my hips.
- I hate my hips.
- I hate that I hate my hips.
- Good lord. STUPID EBAY PURCHASE, arrive already!


Dana said...

Wow. I once had a headache for 3 weeks I thought I was dying - turns out I needed a massage. Book one now! I was gonna say something about your hips but then realized I am creepy, but I am NOT that creepy.

Marisa said...

Drink water! (or alcohol, or caffeine, or yes, get a massage)