Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Gary, or, a fish out of water story

Sunday, April 25, 2010
A few weeks ago I used my bonus awesome personal day Friday off to trek up to Cross Iron Mills (a giant mega mall in the middle of nowhere - seriously, it's actually in the middle of nowhere between Calgary and Airdrie) to pick up Gary's birthday present. The main anchor of this gross mega-mall is the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Something or other store. This place is two floors, around the average square footage of a walmart, and filled chockablock to the brim with taxidermy and everything you need to camp, hunt, fish, and kill things for sport and/or food.

I was so out of place.

Voila. Gary's 30th Birthday Gift (he also got some LuluLemon Gym Swag, blurays and a Go-Mug)

I was holding it in line at the checkout, examining the bag and trying to remember if it was the one Gary wanted. A very nice man in his late 50s in line behind me leaned over and told me that "he's going to love it".

This very nice man spent about 10 minutes telling me that he has one of these bags, and that it's perfect to just toss on the boat. Apparently different fish need different fishing gear, so you can have a box filled with trout stuff and a box filled with bass stuff and so on and so forth.

This very enthusiastic and sweet man left thinking I was the wife/girlfriend/daughter of the year, purchasing for my man EXACTLY what every man wants and needs - a $120 tackle bag.

I just didn't have the heart to tell him that Gary's using it to organize his computer and AV parts.


Carmen said...

The ending of this story was SO unexpected. I acutally threw my head back in a guffaw of laughter. haha. I can just imagine how crushed enthusiastic man would have been!