Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Shopping!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Help me plan my spring wardrobe! As I mentioned previously, the last time I moved I did a massive wardrobe overhaul. I donated bags and bags of clothes to charity - suits, cocktail dresses, pretty much everything I hadn't worn for 6 months or more. Because it was January, this clause meant that I also parted with most of my summer clothing. Stupid Megans!

To top it off, last summer I was especially broke due to unemployment and a 3-week trip to Germany. Awesome summer, but I spent most of it in cotton shorts and a romper.

So now I have to re-build a professional and casual summer wardrobe from scratch. I've made a list of things I'd like, and then a list of things I think I "need". I'd love some input - am I missing anything? Am I totally boring?

My workplace is pretty casual - I wear jeans and sweaters or blouses pretty much every day, unless I have a lunch meeting or some kind of event, and then I wear a skirt and top of some kind. I'm lucky in this aspect, because clothes can serve a double purpose - for work and play.

I'm planning to scour consignment and second hand stores first, then discount retailers (Winners, Superstore) or outlets, then the mall. I think a list will help me focus and maximize my budget.

My Wish List!

For Work


Skirts - not black pencil skirts, because I have several of these
-patterned - a floral or geometric print
-solid coloured - green, red, pink, blue, purple, open to options
-khaki/beige cotton would be nice

Capri Pants
-dark denim

-well fitting white trousers or capri pant


-black shirt, wrap or shift style
-navy or brown shirt, wrap or shift style
-patterened jersey dress(es) -wrap or a-line


-sweater set(s) or cardigans in bright colours
-lightweight blazer in denim or cotton material, either blue, white or khaki
-blouse or tunic-style top - patterened or brightly coloured


-dressier flat sandal
-nude pump or heeled shoe

For Play

-nice dark denim skirt, a-line, knee length or slightly longer
-bermuda shorts in denim or denim equivalent
-denim capris
-sun dress - if possible, not so low cut and short that I can throw on a cardi and wear to work
-nice cotton t-shirts and tanks in bright colours


-patterned skirt
-khaki skirt
-one dress for work
-dark denim capri
-sweater set or cardigan in a bright colour (turquoise, green or pinky-red-orange)
-patterened top or tunic/blouse in coordinating colour with sweater set
-coloured tshirts/tanks (3)
-dressy but walkable sandal


Alex said...

Joe Fresh from Superstore for singular seasonal sensations.

Banana Outlet in either Cross Iron or Deerfoot Meadows

I hear ya. I hate summer clothes more than anything.

Dana said...

oh a new consignment store opened on 17th, it is where rocket used to be. They had some pretty dresses in there.

Breanne said...

LOVE it. Can we shop together???

Who hates summer clothes? I heart my summer clothes. Winter clothes are BOOORRRINNNG!!!

Carolyn said...

You need Krysta, my personal shopper. I know what you're thinking. But I work in the non-profit sector too, and she is totally affordable. She scours the consignment shops for you and brings a pile of goodness to your house. She has a placeholder website up at http://www.styleeyez.com/ and if you want her number or more info, let me know. This really will change your life.