Friday, April 09, 2010

Wok and Roll

Friday, April 09, 2010
Last night, right around 5:00, Calgary was hit with a spring snowstorm. This happens every. single. April. It gets warm and sunny for a few weeks, things slowly start to green up around the edges, patios tentatively open and barbecues get fired up.
Well, our plans for barbecuing last night? Foiled, blizzard-style. All the snow will be gone by lunchtime today, but still - it was quite a downer to the spirits.
So instead of bbq pork chops, as planned, I convinced Gary that delivery was in order. His office has pizza on Fridays, so that was out. Vietnamese, my favourite, is easy to find in Calgary but impossible to have brought to your door. And I really didn't want to leave the house because I had just gone for a swim and don't really like blowdrying my hair. Frozen ponytails in April? Brutal.
So we ordered delivery from this new place that shoved a menu in our mailbox a few weeks ago. Wok and Roll is in Kensington, just over the bridge from our apartment. Delivery was free - but most importantly, in a snowstorm, during rush hour - the food arrived hot in less than 40 minutes. Sure, the restaurant is only 10 blocks away, but if you've ever tried to drive into downtown during rush hour across the 10th street bridge, you know why that's an accomplishment.
The food was hot, it was cheap, it was good - and the almond chicken?

EXACTLY like Don Eng's. If you ever ate at the New Palace Cafe in Eatonia - you understand  If you didn't? I feel sorry for you.


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