Friday, May 14, 2010

Big City Friday Night!

Friday, May 14, 2010
Ahh, Friday.
It's finally warmed up here in Calgary to a liveable, optimistic, Sprummer temperature. Last week it was snowing, this week it's 20 degrees and sunny. May we live interesting lives, indeed.
But this means two things - patio season has arrived, and my pasty pasty legs will soon be on display. Traditionally I get a wicked sunburn in May, on the first Sprummer weekend.
This weekend I hope to at some point sit on a patio covered in SPF 45, but given that tomorrow night is the big Launch Party! at work and Sunday we have a first birthday party to attend, I'm not sure I'll get there. We have a whole week's worth of TV to watch tonight - HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Glee, something that totally is NOT The Vampire Diaries, because duuude, who watches crap like that? Not I.
Maybe I'll sit on my balcony with a frosty diet soda this afternoon - seems like a decent compromise.
Speaking of Launch Parties!, if you were attending a 1950s French cafe-culture themed shindig, what would you wear? I'm thinking cute 50s silouette black dress and little cardigan, or a pair of nice trouser jeans or a skirt and a colourful summery dressy top. The party is casual - jeans are totally appropriate - but I work there, so, y'know. I have to at least pretend to make an effort.


Snowflake said...

We are looking forward to some warm weather here also. I'm so looking forward to coffee on the deck in the morning and BBQ anything!!! I hope it is this nice next weekend when you are here!!!

Bizee said...

Meg, I love your blog. You may remember me as the Grade One Teacher trying to find her way through her first year in the 'big world'/small town. :)

Love your blog, think you've turned out to be quite an amazing woman and am proud to say, "I knew her when she used to do flamingo projects just for fun, just for me, just because she wanted to." (I still have that poster around here, somewhere, I think!) :)

Take good care!!


Meg said...

Wow! Miss H - your comment made my whole day!