Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday - off to a not so great start

Monday, May 17, 2010
This morning I got up around 6:30, shortly after Gary left for the gym. Not to be outdone by my gym-rat partner, I decided to work up a sweat before work. I mean, I was already awake, and we're almost out of coffee - what else was I going to do?
And sweat I did. Holy Calorie Burn, Batman. It was also a great opportunity to bust out the new sports bra I picked up at Old Navy on Saturday.
Usually I purchase a size smaller in sporting support attire than I would wear in regular street clothes, because bouncing is not so much fun. Because I'd purchased this exact same style before, I didn't bother trying it on. It was a bit of a tight squeeze getting it on this morning, but whatever- it's stretchy. It'll stretch out, right?
Well imagine the amount of fun I had this morning when, arms shaking from a zillion bicep curls and slippery from sweat, I couldn't manage to get that dang sports bra back over my head.

I struggled and twisted and yanked and grunted and struggled some more and at one point, managed to get one arm out. I pretty much had resigned myself to being half stuck in an unattractive sports bra and calling in sick for work.
On one hand, I'm glad Gary wasn't there to witness this. On the other, I sure could have used some help.
In a last attempt to free myself from the spandex that was rapidly cutting off my circulation - I cut myself out.

So long, brand new $14 sports bra.


Lady Rose said...

Sports bras are from the devil. But at least the devil sold you that one at a reasonable price!