Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Princess Grumblepants

Tuesday, May 04, 2010
When I was an infant, my loving father so kindly gave me the nickname The Princess of Poop.
Yeah. So glad that one stuck around for over a quarter of a century.
Anyway, today, I dub myself Princess Grumblepants. I'm grumpy. It's snowing. It's cold. My turtleneck is too tight and chafy. I didn't like my lunch. My hair looks like crap. This vest is itchy. My diet coke doesn't taste right. I'm having trouble drafting an awesome press release headline. Inspiriation escapes me. There are no more Harry Potter books. I got handsoap in my eye a few minutes ago. I had an awkward "you can tell I'm not telling you the whole truth but I refuse to outright lie to you because that's wrong, so I am dodging the question even though I know the answer" run-in with a coworker at lunch.
Today is a no good, very bad day.
On the upside, we're having my favourite thing for dinner - spaghetti with tomato, butter and onion sauce. Things are looking up.


Marisa said...

You had me at "there are no more Harry Potter," but got me for good about the spaghetti sauce. I lick my bowl. Really.

Tomorrow will be better (but if not, know I appreciate your silly wit).

Lady Rose said...

Damn, that sauce is highly addictive.

Also, cheer up! I'm going to New York tomorrow. Oh wait, that's awesome for me, not you. huh.

Meg said...

I make it for dinner once a week. I think about making it for dinner the other six nights of the week.