Monday, May 10, 2010

Thinking way too far ahead

Monday, May 10, 2010
I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the last 10 years wondering if I will always be Megan Bailey.
If I get married and decide to change my name (which I probably will, on both counts) I'll have to deal with a new signature and new ID cards and so on and so forth. But I'll also have to update my resume, get the word out on my professional name change, and have new business cards printed and a new corporate email assigned.
But I'll also have to change my personal email address. And my facebook profile. My virtual identity. And countless other logins that are some combination of my name, my initials or whatever.
This blog.
It definitely occurs to me that I am putting the cart way before the horse with this matter, but I'm a little concerned. How will I ever remember a whole new set of frickin' logins?
(because I really like to count my chickens: I may or may not have already registered a gmail account for a potential future first and last name combination. I'll let you know when I can officially be reached at mrs.megan.clooney at gmail dot com for any future correspondance)