Saturday, June 05, 2010

summer blockbusters '10

Saturday, June 05, 2010
I've now seen all of the summer blockbuster movies I was planning to see. Because I love you, I will now provide you with a review:

Iron Man 2 - meh. First one was better. RDJ, on the other hand, only gets better with time. Growl.

SATC 2 - Insipid. Annoying. Like watching a train wreck, but without any of the excitement. Skip it. SJP, tragically, is NOT getting better with time.

Prince of Persia - Jake Gylenhaall. Gyllenhaal? Gyl-len-haaal-io? Whatever. EXTREMELY hawt. Entertaining quest-y adventure film. The best of the three. Looking forward to a sequel where Jake spends the entire film shirtless and kind of sandy. I'd go see it at least five times.