Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'll bring the blanket, you bring the basket

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I have this incredible urge to go on a picnic. A Don and Betty Draper in the Happier Days style picnic. I want to wear a pretty dress and sit in the sun with my beloved and play checkers and eat sandwiches and drink lemonade.
Yes, I mean gin.
One of the happy fuzzy childhood memories I think back on often is going for a picnic with my best friend, Candice. Her mom packed up the little plastic toy picnic set with a banana and a thermos of red koolaid. I realize this is unconventional picnic food, and okay, it was just a banana, but to us it was an incredible adventure! We must have been four or five, because we weren't allowed to go very far. We sat under a tree around the corner, in the back alley, and played and pretended for the entire afternoon.
I remember pulling over on the side of the road, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in Kananaskis with my parents, trying to catch squirrels and skip rocks - two things I've never been able to do.
And I remember eating Tiger Tiger ice cream in the playground beside the swimming pool, my mom dishing it out every June to that year's Kindergarten graduates and next year's Kindergarten class.
Why can't I go back to that? Why does that magic slip away so quickly? I was so eager to grow up. What I wouldn't give for a thermos of red koolaid right now. And some gin.


CW said...

Maybe you should try to skip squirrels and catch rocks? You might have better luck?