Tuesday, June 08, 2010

One of those days

Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Someone I used to know once uploaded a bunch of crappy techno to my precious iBook laptop. One of those songs was by Blossom Dearie/The Brazillian Girls and the chorus was "just one of those days..."
Wait. A quick google search to verify has informed me that for years I've had the incorrect lyrics playing on annoying repeat in my head for like, 4 years. It's "just one of those things," not "days." Bastards.
Okay, so that point failed. Anyway, I hate techno and I really hate today. Today is one of those days where I'm scraping the bottom of the already shallow bright-side barrel. Last night I was in a great mood, because we were going to have steak, but then Gary got home and brought his grey cloud of Monday frustration with him, and then the quest to get propane turned sour, and we didn't eat until 7:30, and the grumpitude rolled in.
The grumpitude has not rolled out.
So. Help me, blogiverse. What are some things that always make you smile? Here are mine:
1. "Let's go to the Mall!" by Robin Sparkles. Video mandatory. Because I'm emailing this post in, I don't know how to imbed video so go youtube it yourself.
2. Kittens and big-eyed exotic baby animals.
3. Judging and general mockery of other people. Yeah, I'm going to the hot place but I like what I like.
4. The colour green.
5. Thinking about how epic and great the HBO SATC series was. Oh, NYC. Oh, wearing my hair naturally curly. Oh, high-sugar cocktails.
6. Fantasizing about escaping to a Greek island paradise. Maybe with Jake G, but he wouldn't be allowed to wear a shirt or speak because that would ruin the mystique. Also, in this fantasy I would have perfect hair and a slammin' body and wear pretty much beach clothes and white sundresses all the time.
7. True Blood Season 3 is starting on June 13th! This may not be an "always makes me smile" but it makes me happy right now.
8. Laughing until my stomach hurts. Now, to just find something to laugh about.
9. Baby ducks.
10. Puppy kisses.
Crap. Now I'm thinking about how bad Sex and the City 2 was and I'm all grumps again.


Lady Rose said...

The Glee soundtrack!

Bizee said...

Viva Diva martinis from Earls, on the deck with good friends. A lot of both, please. :)

Meg said...

Mmm, booze and cover songs. Yeah, that's happiness, right there.