Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CRISIS! Of the Long Duck Dong Variety!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Gary owns something like nine million dvds. I wish I had a photo on me, but alas, I am at work and do not have access to the "Photos of the Apartment: Past and Present" file, so you'll have to just trust me when I say our living room walls are, for the most part, lined with dvd shelves and a giant bookshelf (represent, bookish nerd girls!).
Gary is super organized and has a giant spreadsheet that catalogues his dvd/blueray collection. He knows when he bought the movie, or if it was a gift; how much it cost, who directed it, where it was purchased, and who wrote the soundtrack. Among other things. This is pretty cool or pretty crazy, depending on your perspective.
From my perspective, right now, I wish I could get my grubby little paws on it at this exact moment, because I NEED to watch Sixteen Candles, RIGHT NOW. And I know that I only own that movie on VHS, and as far as I know, my VCR is hanging out at El Rancho Doug and Lenore. But I can't remember if Gary owns it.
Gary? You out there? Do you own Sixteen Candles? If not, maybe some other film from the John Hughes collection? Help?
PS - did you know that the actor who played *swoon* Jake Ryan *double swoon* has spent the last twenty-some years building furniture somewhere in Upstate New York or something? What a strange, but oddly hot, concept.