Monday, September 20, 2010

4-Day MeganFest

Monday, September 20, 2010
Gary and I have been together for 916 days, living together for over half of that, and I have never spent a night alone in our apartment.

Until now. Gary is heading out of town this weekend for a convention, and I am going to be all by my sweet self from Thursday morning until Sunday night. Yes, I'll miss him, but duuuuudes. I am so totally going to have a Meganpalooza!

So far, I have the typical girl's weekend activities planned - a mani/pedi, brunch, a rom-com marathon while eating Indian takeout on the couch in my bathrobe. I plan on demolishing at least one bottle of cheap fruit-flavoured white wine, drunk texting G how much I luuuuffffff him and that he'd better not be accepting any inappropriate wagers of the other-lady-fraternizing-variety, and that yes, I am at home in my bathrobe eating Butter Chicken directly from the container, watching Love Actually on his precious 92 inch screen with surround sound turned OFF. Girlie weekend five!

(Actually, why would I ever watch something without surround sound when I could watch it with surround sound? That's just stupid.)

So if you'd like to join me in my Bachelorette Weekend bliss, I suggest that you, too, ship your partner off to some industry-specific conference in Georgia for the weekend. Or come by my place. The Arbour Mist is already in the fridge.