Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things that really annoy me

Sunday, September 26, 2010
When people take the elevator DOWN two floors.

Really snotty teenage baristas. This is your job. It won't always be your job, and you might feel like you're better than it, but dude, suck it up. It pays the bills. I smelled like deep fryer grease and missed almost every party from 1999-2003. Also, listen to me when I order my latte using the ordering convention your company invented. I know I'm ordering it properly. I've been well trained in ordering drinks at Starbucks. I'm trying to make it easier for you, so stop siiiiighing and giving me your crap attitude.

Dirty public washrooms. I have become that person who does complain to the staff when the restroom is in disarray. I'm sure the dude working in the Men's Department in the Bay really didn't give a frog when I told him the Ladies' was a mess, but hey. Who do you think spends most of the money on Dockers and Tommy Bahama sweaters in the Men's Department in the Bay anyway? Women. Clean the damn washroom.

Public laundry facilities. Who the hell thought it was cool to put something oily, dirty and gross in the dryers in our building? Yuck. Thank god I noticed before I tossed my towels in.

Air Canada flights from Toronto to Calgary.


Snowflake said...

Your list is short, DB has many more things that annoy him!!!!!