Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reasons for and against an ereader

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
So I'm thinking about buying myself a fancy new ereader. The fact that I'm now blogging about it means that it's a pretty sure deal, but I need to account for a few holiday gifts, etc before I spend $150 on a gadget for myself.


1. It's light. My purse is HEAVY. Usually because there's a paperback or two kicking around in it.

2. It's packable. I always take two or three or nine books on any trip longer than overnight. This would be a definite plus, and cut down on my seriously heavy luggage.

3. It's high-tech and appeals to my materialistic GenY nature. GIMME!

4. I could read things like...well, this:


in public without covering it with an alternative dust jacket or hiding.


1. I'd be reading nothing but Kilted, Time-Travelling, Bodice-Ripping Historical trash, 24 hours a day, because if no one can tell that it's Tolstoy I'm reading, what in God's name is the point of reading Tolstoy?!


Lady Churl said...

reasons for: you want one! I just bought myself the ENTIRE Gilmore Girls series. I should be ashamed, but strangely, I'm not. Spoil yourself! (p.s., it's meee, LB! shh! ;))