Friday, February 11, 2011

The Wedding We're Not Having

Friday, February 11, 2011
Last weekend Gary and I went back to my hometown for the annual Dinner Theatre performance, directed by my mother.

It was our first trip back home since getting engaged, and it was awesome to share our exciting news with everyone. We definitely got a ton of hugs and congratulations and well wishes.

But more than a few people also pointed out to me how surprised they are that we're getting married in my hometown - in a traditional hometown-style wedding.

I guess I disappointed everyone by not showing up in a dress like this:

To a flash-mob wedding in Barbados, where we would get funnnkeh to a Guns and Roses/ABBA cover band.

My bridesmaids would wear hot pink and teal pantsuits, the groomsmen in drag, and everyone would be soaked - nay, pickled! - in gin.

And then we would eat some weird ethnic food.

I guess all that wacky teenage angst I ran around with when I lived there kind of stuck, and people still think I'm weird. Loveable. Awesome. But totally weird.

And now I kind of want to have that wedding.


ladybugc said...

Yeah, have been waiting almost a month for a new post on your blog - you must be busy! Glad you enjoyed your weekend away, think the dress in the pic is pretty hot!

Robert said...

I will be wearing that dress to your wedding.

patchworksheep said...

i kind of want you to have that wedding too. ;)