Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wait, we actually have to plan this thing?

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Gary and I have emerged from our home-purchasing cocoon and take possession of our condo in one month minus one day. Huzzah! We are adults now! Really! Like full-fledged and stuff! We have a mortgage payment!

Interlude while I breathe shallowly into a paper bag.

Anyway, even though now we're spending most of our time dithering over paint chips and comparing the many virtues of different formal dining room sets, there is a beast lurking in the background. Something big, kinda important, sort of significant and expensive.


No, wait. That's not right.

Oh, right. The WEDDING.

I keep thinking that it's well over 18 months away.

"How goes the wedding planning?" asks an innocent acquaintance or coworker.

I scoff. "We've got a year and half! Talk to me in June!"'s almost June. In the next 6 weeks I'm going to be packing, painting, cleaning, packing, unpacking and whammo! June 1 will be upon us like a dirty shirt.

And then holy dinah. I have to start planning a wedding.

My subconscious must realize it, because I've had a few wedding-related dreams lately. Of course, most of them focus on being a bridesmaid in Kate Middleton's wedding, or having to help Kate Middleton find a backup wedding gown because someone blew the cover off her super secret one, or helping Kate Middleton run away in the night because she realized:


So clearly I've got wedding on the brain, despite the fact that I'm sort of in denial about it.

I am looking forward to planning a few things - cake eating! dress shopping! picking the song I'll dance to with my dad!

Some things make me want to apply a power drill to my temple - seating charts! budgets! guest lists!

And some things I just haven't even stopped to consider - and I'm sure one of these days I'll be dealt the You're a Bad Bride card for not having a strong opinion on Cathedral vs. Fingertip Veil length or whether to register for a formal china pattern or not.

But anyway. I wanted to give you fair warning. Things might start getting a little tulle crazy around here.

But I'll try to keep it to a minimum. Or at the very least, mildly entertaining. Like, "What to do when the chances are mighty high that every other woman in your wedding party will be knocked up on your wedding day?"

Answer: Don't worry about it. More champagne for me.


sylviamyoung said...

I love it. Don't worry about something good always comes from the more for me! Super. Good luck with the move :)