Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goodbye, Wallet

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
My wallet was stolen out of my purse on Monday afternoon.

I've never had my wallet stolen. I've left it on a bus once, several years ago, but I got it back with every single cent in it.

I was out for coffee with a friend, my giant handbag hung over the chair rail as usual, my coat slung over it. I felt someone bumping my chair a few times, but the cafe was crowded. I reached around to check that my bag was still there and thought nothing else of it - until I went to pay for groceries about 3 hours later and found that my wallet had disappeared.

I searched the car. I emptied my purse. I went back to our rented apartment, where I had stopped to clean out the fridge. I checked over, under and around boxes in our new home - but nothing.

I called to cancel my credit card and it was confirmed - several charges had already been made at gas stations across the city. (OMG, the price of gas is already killing me filling up my own car, never mind a caravan of thieves!)

I'm lucky that I don't carry cash, that credit cards are insured for this sort of thing, that I was going to have to go get a new license anyway.

But it still sucks. My plans for an extra day off - shopping, a pedicure, some various errands - all evaporated because I don't carry cash, and now I have to wait until my new cards arrive.

Bummer. It was a really nice wallet, too.


Lady Rose said...

Boo!!! People suck. Also, now I'm worried about casually slinging my purse over the chair like I always do. What coffee shop were you at?

Meg said...

I know, right? The worst part is, when Gary's mom was here she told me not to do that because someone could reach in and steal my wallet. I was like, "seriously, I'm a big city girl now and I can handle my shiz" but nope. She was right.

It was the Good Earth on 11th Street.

Robert said...

Gaaad, I feel responsible for this. That's really crappy. Thanks for the lovely tea and sandwich though.

Meg said...

You really shouldn't. It's not like you set me up as bait or something!

And it was an awesome sandwich.