Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh so many boxes

Monday, May 02, 2011
We started packing for our move yesterday.

Gary shall we say...a little type A about the whole packing process. On Friday he spent most of the afternoon driving to god knows where to buy the best grade bankers boxes at the best price he could find. No, the ones they sell at Staples aren't good enough for him, sir.

We had a busy weekend, so by the time Sunday rolled around I was exhausted. While I slept in, Gary hauled nine hundred small appliances out of the storage room. Then he took the shelves out of the storage room. And finally, after brunch and a grocery run, we got down to work. He instructed me on bankers box assembly and proper filling of the bankers boxes and we started packing.

There is a stack of boxes filled strictly with DVDs and Blurays that is about 6 high and three deep in our closet. Beside it is a slightly smaller - but not by much - stack of boxes filled with books. The books are not stacked on top of the dvds, though. Because that would be BEDLAM.

Also, it would apparently make it more difficult to load the boxes onto a dolly, but what do I know?

All afternoon Gary and I built boxes and filled them.

And frankly - thank god for Gary, because after box number three I got really, really, really bored.

I'm pretty sure Gary packed nine boxes for every one that I packed. And I'm sure he didn't appreciate my frequent diet coke and cheese breaks, or that I sat on the floor and idly flipped through my old history notes for about twenty minutes.

But hey. The boxes are packed. One major to-do checked off the list.

Only eight bazillion more to-dos to go.


Laurel said...

Just curious, where did Gary get said banker boxes and what sort of deal did he get?

choosingurban said...

I wouldn't recommend them for everything because they are of course too small. But I have another 30 boxes in the trunk right now for larger things. But the banker boxes were 25 for 59.99 from shippers supply. Remember pack by weight, type, shape, durability, stack-ability and contents use frequency. And don't forget your box crush weight. Books stacked ten high is a terrible idea. Labeling is a matter of personal preference but can help when unloading by placing boxes in their final room initially rather than a command unloading area first.

bre said...

Labeling is oh so important in my books - Kevin would say I am "Type A" about this - boxes should be labeled with the room they are going to in your new house AND with an idea of their contents. (ie: Spare Room: Desk Contents) This really helps people that are helping you move and makes it so they don't have to say, "Hey, Meg/Gary - where should I put this one?" for EVERY box.

Also, I LOVE that you bought fancy boxes. I myself am very cheap and therefore used anything/everything I could get for free.