Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's not a contest

Wednesday, June 08, 2011
Last night I took a bottle of wine over to a friend's house to help her finish her wedding invitations.

They are lovely. Three layers of cardstock, ribbon, etc, etc. I am very impressed.

And filled with a certain type of comparative fire that has had me questioning my plan for our wedding invitations since 6pm last night.

Hers are better than mine. That can't happen. My invitations have to be better than hers. My whole wedding must be better than hers. I HAVE TO WIN.

Good lord.

It's not a bloody contest. Do I care about invitations? They're not on my top 5 priority list. Do I want to spend several hours every night for a few weeks designing, constructing and crafting them? Not so much. Are the invitations I am planning to send affordable, attractive, and do they meet my needs? Yes.

So what's the boggle?

I don't know. I blame the SavBlanc. White wine always brings out the bitch in me.


ladybugc said...

I think it's funny how women do this to ourselves...I am not even engaged but recently saw invitations to my boyfriend's sister's wedding and was jealous! They are lovely, but also what I saw was dollar bills. I can't picture spending tons of money and time on a card most people will throw out or lose. I say spend your money where you want and leave the invitations simple if your priority is not on a card :)