Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thursday, January 19, 2012
I had to shoot a promo spot for a local TV station today. I had one line in this 10-second spot, and I'm proud to say I hit it on every take. That's right, I'm a genius and obviously I'm headed straight for a big-time telebroadcasting career. Do they still say telebroadcasting? I should know this. I work in media relations.

I wore my lucky brooch, the one my Grandma Olga gave me. I wear it every time I have to go on TV, when I have more than 10 minutes of advance notice. Luckily today was one of those days where I knew about the spot in advance, otherwise, I would have gone on-air in fleece pants and a really sad half-ponytail.

See? I clean up pretty nicely.

No one has ever noticed that I always wear this brooch on TV days. I think that means no one ever sees me on TV, which is likely for the best. I am roughly 3 times the size of all the female television personalities in Calgary. One never wants to slouch on television, but dude, there's like 9 inches of height difference between the interviewer and myself.

In other news, if you've ever wondered what kind of art graces the staff bathrooms at my illustrious museum workplace, it's this. After two years of pee breaks, I've pretty much memorized every single detail of this poster.

Also, people give you weird looks when you carry your blackberry into the bathroom at work, just fyi.


Laurel said...

Congrats Meg! Not surprised you nailed it. You do clean up nicely. Also, should you be in need of more 'suitable for television' attire, I know of a mermaid-style afghan that would pair nicely with that brooch.

Robert said...

You tease us with this and then leave no link to YouTube where we can watch?!

Meg said...

Would you believe that my clips almost NEVER make it on to youtube? I was really excited about this one, but no dice!