Thursday, October 04, 2012

On "We"

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I'm sure this isn't something that happened the moment we exchanged wedding rings.

I'm sure, if I really thought about it, the 'we' permeated our vocabulary as soon as Gary and I officially became a couple. Maybe it was a few months into our relationship, or maybe it was even after our addresses merged. I'm sure that some of you could even harass me about the endless "we"-ing that occurred in late 2008, and I hope we'd all laugh about it instead of muttering bitterly under our breaths about how much more awesome I was when I was in my promiscuity and jagermeister phase.

(Mom: Hypothetically. That phase was hypothetical. I have embellished for dramatic effect.)

But I digress.

But since our wedding day, I've noticed that "WE" is used in an entirely different way in the Geyer household.

We have become a unit. And sometimes, it feels like it's no longer Gary and I as individuals, it's that we've become a gelatinous combined marital unit.

These are OUR new plates. WE're hosting Christmas Eve dinner. WE were so happy to see you last weekend. WE love Apothic Red!

These are valid statements.

WE're cooking a turkey. WE're patching drywall and re-sealing the bathtub this weekend.

Those statements, my friends, are erroneous.

Because let's be honest. While it might actually be easier if two people shared that work, it's one person doing the work in those situations, and one person basking in the glory.

One of us is wrestling the innards out of the fowl and stuffing their hand up a turkey butt, while the other criticizes the lumps in the gravy and pours more malbec.

One of us is crouched on the cold hard tile, holding the silicone gun and begging for a future knee replacement and one person is leaning on the counter making absolutely hilarious and well-timed caulk jokes.

But there you go. When one of us tells our Mother over the phone about what we did last weekend, we'll say that WE did it TOGETHER, as a united front. Because lest we forget: we are a united force. We are the Newlyweds. We accomplished this herculean task TOGETHER.

At least - that's what we want you to believe.

(COME ON! Who can resist a good caulk joke?)


Frank said...

Heh heh...caulk...

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